Oral translation

Translation agency Exito offers services of oral consecutive translation. This work is done by interpreters with good articulation, who have perfect knowledge of foreign and native languages.

Translation company Exito offers services of oral consecutive translation of the following directions:

  1. Consecutive translation during business negotiations, trainings, seminars, forums, exhibitions.
  2. Consecutive translation for making deals, conclusion of agreements, legalization of documents by the notary.
  3. Consecutive translation for representation in registry offices, courts and other official establishments.
  4. Consecutive translation of telephone calls and on-line negotiations.
  5. Consecutive translation for negotiations at the enterprise (possible, beyond Kyiv).

It is better to make order for oral translation beforehand and 2-3 days before negotiations it is advisable to present manager maximum information about the topic of negotiations. This can be printed materials (glossary of main terminology, information about the company) or oral description. This information is necessary for interpreter to prepare for oncoming negotiations.

We always try to find interpreter for you in most possible short time. I you want the best interpreter for your language and subject, please, make the order for oral consecutive translation several days before negotiations.