Notary translation

Translation agency EXITO not only performs written translation of documents but also their attestation by the notary (notary translation).

Notarization of translated documents (notarization of translator’s signature) – is a notary attestation of correctness of translation of the document from one language into another. According to the legislation of Ukraine a notary attests the signature of the translator whom he knows personally.

In translation companies the following procedure is done in two steps: translation and notarization of the document. According to the rules of notariat translation is attached to the original or copy of the document and is signed by the translator and the notary and sealed by the notary.

Notary translation of documents issued in Ukraine:

Original or legalized copy of the document, the translation of which is necessary to do and notarize.

Notary translation of documents issued abroad:

Original or legalized copy of the document with apostil of the country of issue or legalized in the country of issue, translation of which is necessary to do and notarize.

High level of contacts allows Exito agency to perform high quality notary translation in short period of time that is why we are always ready to accept order for urgent notary translation.

We offer discounts for regular clients.

We can notarize only those document which were translated by our specialists. If you already have translation and you need to notarize it we revise translation with the original.

Exito translation agency offers notary translation of the following documents:

  • registration documents (constituent document, certificates, licenses, protocols, extracts and others);
  • agreements (including labor contracts);
  • birth certificates;
  • marriage certificates;
  • divorce certificates;
  • diplomas and certificates;
  • certificates;
  • passports;
  • military service record card;
  • labor books;
  • pension certificates;
  • personal cases;
  • record-books;
  • driving licenses ;
  • and others.

We accept only those documents for notary translation, which correspond to particular requirements: the document, given for notary translation should be dated, signed, sealed by the organization which has issued the document. There should be no corrections and the document should not be damaged.

High level of professionalism of our specialists allows us to guarantee high quality and timely services of notary translation.