Skype Interpretation

The Exito Translation Agency has been providing interpreting services since 2009 and remote interpretation services via Skype since 2016. Every day, this type of interpretation becomes more and more popular with our clients. For remote interpretation, we use not only Skype, but also Zoom, and we can work with any programs and messaging applications that you use for your business or personal purposes.

The main condition is a good Internet connection.

Skype interpretation is used most often for:

  • business negotiations;
  • personal negotiations;
  • online conferences.

Skype translation is much more convenient than telephone interpretation, both for negotiators and the interpreter. It is vital for interpreters to see the interlocutors, as they can more accurately interpret their message and read non-verbal cues, which play a significant role in any conversation or negotiation. Also, negotiations on Skype are much more efficient and faster than e-mail correspondence, and clients regularly report that negotiations via video call help them reach a fuller understanding and a more satisfactory deal.

We offer several options for translation services for negotiations:

  1. Having an interpreter next to you in the office;
  2. Having an interpreter connect to the video conference call from his/her computer or laptop.

The second option, when the interpreter is also working remotely, is typically more convenient and popular among our clients.

The advantages of the remote interpretation on Skype:

  1. You and your partner can be in different countries;
  2. Several of your partners in other cities can connect to the video conference;
  3. You can be in any place convenient for you (at home, in the office, or at a cafe) and connect to Skype or another program for video communication on any device: computer, laptop, tablet, or phone;
  4. Calls via Skype or messengers are free of charge.

Skype Interpretation Cost:

The cost of interpreting via Skype is calculated, as is the cost of interpreting at a meeting. Minimal order is 1 hour.

The most popular language for Skype interpretation is English.

The cost of interpreting via Skype from English is from 350 UAH per hour.

Please contact us to find out the exact cost of interpretation services for your conference or call.

Professional interpretation via Skype exists for those who keep up with the times!