Website translation

In modern world information technologies are constantly developing and today each company has its own web-site which is its face and advertisement.

The producer can instantly globalize sales offering his goods and services not only in his region but in all countries of the world.

It seemed, that everything is needed is to make a multilanguage version of the site. But not everyone knows that site translation is a specific activity and very often it is a separate translation service. Naturally, web-site translation should be performed with account of all peculiarities of such kind of translation.

The notion of site translation or localization means not only translation of text material but adjustment of the resource structure and introduction of changes in connection with translation process.

The work of site translation requires special patience and attention, as translation should not only transmit information but perform the same functions as the original text and be found by search systems and optimized according to the rules.

When a site is translated alongside with direct text of web-pages translation of other object is also performed: translation of buttons, menus, flash-headband and also code of the site headlines and meta-tags and other elements which are not seen to the user but which play important role in site optimization, That is why it is not enough to make only translation of the text while localizing a site. Web-pages need to be remade up to create new pages using new text. So, in site localization not only translators but also designers and sometimes even programmers take part.

Site translation and localization has several stages: 1. Translation of text from web-pages. 2. Translation of modules. 3. Site optimization using key words typical for the country of the language of translation. 4. Assembling and testing.

In our agency translation is performed by specialists who are qualified in special rules and laws of modern Internet or skilled translators in close co-operation with web-masters or web-promoters. Site translation performed even by professional translator but without account of specifics of the Internet can be useless (law attendance and as a result low demand for the promoted product or service).

We offer not only site translation but constant maintenance, translation of articles and news and additions, Translation of press-releases. Confidentiality is guaranteed!

To achieve the best results we to work together with the company which maintains your site to solve all technical questions connected with site translation.

Use unlimited possibilities of the Internet for promotion of your goods and services to the new markets not only in your country but also abroad!