Written translation

Please, pay attention that translation agency Exito follows the principle of 50% pre-payment for any services of our specialists but we will view other variants of payment. Regular clients perform payment after the translation has been made.

Prices for written translation:

  • From Russian – Ukrainian – 45 UAH (40*)
  • From Ukrainian – Russian – 45 UAH (40*)
  • From English – Russian/Ukrainian – 70 UAH (55*)
  • From Russian/Ukrainian – English – 70 UAH (55*)
  • From German - Russian/Ukrainian – 90 UAH (65*)
  • From Russian/Ukrainian – German – 90 UAH (65*)
  • From French, Italian, Spanish - Russian/Ukrainian – 90 UAH (65*)
  • From Russian/Ukrainian - French, Italian, Spanish – 90 UAH (65*)

Note: prices are given for 1 standard page which makes 1800 signs with spaces. Minimal order is 1 standard page. If the text is smaller, client pays for it as for 1 page.

Regular clients are offered discount of 3-7%.

  • tariffs for standard documents. To standard documents belong: birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, diploma, certificate and others.

Timing of orders

Average time of translation accomplishing - 5-8 standard pages per day. The volume of translation is counted from the text of original.

How to order translation

All orders are received by e-mail: info@exito.com.ua in any format (.doc, .rtf, .txt, .pdf и other). You can also fill in the order on-line on the site. Ready translation is sent by e-mail or transferred by courier.

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