About Us

Welcome to the website of EXITO translation agency!

You are looking for a translation company? We offer services of written and consecutive translation!

Agency Exito performs translation of documents, technical translation, medical translation, translation of legal documents, website translation and other.

We work with the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. Our translation agency is constantly developing by extending range of services and languages of translation.

We are located in Kyiv but we can perform written translation for you irrespective of place of your location.

Main work principles of translation bureau Exito are the following:

  • High quality of translation - our translation company chooses the best translators to offer high quality translation for you.
  • Confidentiality - all materials sent to our translation company are kept confidential.
  • Efficiency of work - we always try to perform translation in minimal terms defined by the client.
  • Competitive prices - if you compare our prices with prices of other translation agencies you will see that ours are moderate.
  • Convenient service - applying to our translation company you can order translation by e-mail, skype or over the telephone.
  • Main volume of translations performed by translation bureau Exito is written translation from English into Ukrainian/Russian or from Ukrainian/Russian into English.

We also offer services of:

  • oral consecutive translation.
  • notary translation
  • translation from audio and video material.

We are always ready to accept order for urgent translation. Usually translation of 15-20 pages of text is performed during 2 days. Price for urgent translation is ordinary tariff + 50%.

In translation company Exito corporative co-operation occupies special place among translation services. We are always ready to offer translation services for definite period of time. By concluding long-time agreements clients receive discounts.

You can pay for translation services with cash, bank transition, though Western Union or payment system WebMoney and other.